• Peter Gulbis - Leader

    Peter grew up in the Whitby area and his initial violin training came through his father, a Latvian refugee. Formative playing came in the North Yorkshire Schools Orchestra and several years' tuition with a member of a professional quartet. Musical studies were then pursued in London, including a year of orchestral training. This course was promoted by Goldsmith's College and was a fine opportunity to be coached by, and play with, high calibre musicians.
    A return to the North-East brought further orchestral experience but quartet playing remains his first love and he now pursues that exclusively. The Classical grace of Haydn and Mozart's works have a special appeal.
    Individual tuition has always figured in his musical life and is now carried out in a self-employed capacity. A recent venture has been the formation, with Alison, of an adult string group.
    Aside from music, Peter is a keen footballer and jigsaw puzzles have retained their fascination since childhood!

  • Claire Hall - Violin

    Claire was born in Stockton-on-Tees and began learning the violin at age 9. She played with various Cleveland Music Service ensembles before studying music at university, where she led the orchestra and established a string quartet. Claire has coached many quartets during her teaching career and is currently Head of Music at a Stokesley School. Claire also enjoys Zumba and boating around the Norfolk Broads.

  • Bruce Caswell - Viola

    Bruce grew up in Dorset and moved to Teesside to study Civil Engineering in 1981. One of his first tasks on arrival was to locate amateur music making and he soon joined the Cleveland Youth and Teesside Symphony Orchestra of which he is still a member. Over the last forty years, Bruce has played with many of the orchestras and choral groups in and around Cleveland, has played the occasional show and was the fiddle player in the local ceilidh band, The Barnstormers. Recently, Bruce has discovered the pleasure of quartet playing and re-discovered the viola, which is his second instrument.
    Bruce’s other hobbies include birding, running and visiting the islands around the UK coast.

  • Alison Gulbis - Cello

    Alison is a native of Winchester and the Hampshire County Youth Orchestra played its part in her early musical development. Her father is a keen clarinettist but Alison finds her musical expression through the 'cello and piano. Her musical training was carried out in London.
    A move to the North-East led to regular orchestral playing although her present performing is mainly through the quartet.
    She teaches on her instruments, both privately and at the Waldorf School in Botton Village.
    Alison has a love of dancing; especially ballroom and Latin- American. She enjoys walking in the Moors, Dales and Lakeland areas.